The success of a project depends on a detailed list of important and inter-related task. These tasks must be scheduled in sequence and coordinated with appropriate resources.

This interaction with all trades and client contacts on matters such as schedules, logistics, change orders, punch list and any corrective action steps are essential to the success of any project.

Our project management can assist you with:

  • Logistic coordination
  • Scheduling
  • Trades and general contact assistance
  • Project finalization punch list and corrective actions

OfficeScapes offers experienced and qualified installation technicians and project supervisors to ensure exceptional customer service and job performance.

Our installation services provide you with:

  • Certified installation technicians
  • Certified installation supervisors
  • Quality product installation
  • Installation site prep and clean up
  • Furniture cleaning and move in preparation

Reconfiguration is an opportunity to enhance and change your work environment and accommodate changes in personnel, space and work flow.

Office Scapes will evaluate your current site and available inventory and then match them to your needs. The result will be a refreshed environment that can accommodate the changing requirements of your staff, while ensuring optimum performance and return on investment.

Our reconfiguration program assists you with:

  • Space planning
  • Existing vs. new inventory management
  • Certified installation technicians
  • Certified installation supervisors
  • Quality product installation
  • Installation site prep and clean up
  • Furniture cleaning and move in preparation

Our certified move technicians can assist you in your relocation project. From planning to completion Office Scapes works with you every step of the way. Your move is completed using the most advanced and labor efficient equipment and techniques available. All sensitive material and equipment will be handled using specialized carts, dollies and packing materials. Comprehensive floor and wall protection is also part of the job.

Our Move management staff can assist you with:

  • Move Planning
  • Move Coordination
  • Moving Supplies
  • Move Supervision
  • Furniture tear-down and reconfiguration
  • Warehouse/storage
  • Furniture liquidation
  • Furniture cleaning, repair and refurbishment

Storage and warehousing can be provided by Office Scapes when required. We will work with you to determine the best plan for implementing a warehousing program based on your unique needs.
We physically transfer inventory and store all products from any of your locations to our Memphis warehouse. Products would be inventoried, stored and then reused and redeployed to any BMHCC location on an as-needed basis.

Our storage and warehousing can provide you with:

  • On-site inventory management
  • Off-site inventory management
  • Inventory reporting and management
  • Ins and outs management
  • Existing inventory refurbishment and repair
  • Asset disposition

Broken chairs, locked file cabinets, torn fabric, whatever the repair situation; Office Scapes can supply quality repair services both on and off-site.

With dedicated service repair technicians, we can respond to keep downtime to a minimum. Whether covered under warranty or not, we can service and repair any brand.

Our warranty and repair program assists you with:

  • Warranty service
  • Repair service
  • Key and lock replacement
  • Product maintenance
  • Replacement parts

Refinishing and reupholstering is an excellent option for those clients looking to give their environment a facelift or update their look. OSI can assist with refinishing wood case pieces, reupholstering panels, large furniture and built-in pieces.

  • Refinish wood case furniture
  • Reupholster modular panels
  • Reupholster built-in pieces
  • Reupholster large furniture

Brokering: You might be ready to upgrade to new office furniture, but that doesn’t mean your old furnishings are through being useful. Office Scapes can help put you in touch with buyers that specialize in the purchasing of second-hand office furniture.

Reclamation: Haworth products are made using a wide variety of valuable materials, many of which can and should be recycled or recovered for use as a technical nutrient in new products. If a product is too worn to be brokered, Office Scapes can still help you make sure that you stay as green as possible.

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